Let's Worship Together On Sunday!

As a reformed church, we’re a thankful people endeavouring to simply know, live, and share Jesus Christ.

Join us at 11am or 6pm this Sunday as we preach Christ from every part of Scripture so that we may live Christ in every part of life.

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Christ in all the Scriptures

Browse our archive and enjoy our expository sermons that go verse by verse through the Scriptures magnifying the person and work of Jesus Christ.

11am Series — Gospel in Leviticus
6pm Series — Exposition of John

Catch Us On Local Radio

AM 1140 High River
Every Saturday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 10am.
Listen to our 30 minute preaching program, Let The Bible Speak.

Other Ministries

While we’re a small fellowship we are slowly growing, as young and old hunger for rich, practical, and direct preaching. There’s also more than just our Sunday worship gatherings.


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