Youth Meeting

Youth Meeting

Our youth (from age 14+) meet under the direction of our pastor. The vision is to supplement the work of parents who have the primary responsibility to teach their children the scriptures daily.

The purpose of our gathering is not for mere social interaction, but to teach the youth the Word of God, and especially to help them see Christ in the scriptures. Our prayer for the youth is that they would be an anomaly in a generation that is departing from the truth and trifling with sin. That they would have a hunger for God and become a generation of godly leaders, fathers, and mothers.

As such, through our studies we highlight relevant application and teaching not just for teenage years, but what is relevant for their future as responsible adults.

At present our pastor is going through Genesis. Each time those who attend read three chapters, and then the pastor builds their knowledge of the chapters through a method of questioning. This strengthens their understanding of the passages, develops a more inquisitive approach to the Bible, and shows the unending truths that can be mined out of God’s Word.

Of course, we also enjoy a time of fellowship with food and drink afterwards.


We meet every two weeks. Even if you’re not part of our church, outside young people are welcome. However, sometimes the time or place may change, so please contact Pastor Armen before making arrangements to attend. Call on: (587) 585-7474 or use the contact form.