Online Church

Online Church

The Church Building has been opened again since June 2, 2020. 

Our Online Church Ministry is still available online.

Please see the following options:

1. Sermons

2. Live Webcast via YouTube

3. SermonAudio

4. MyChurch App


1. Online Sermons

You can go directly to our Sermon page, where all our previously recorded sermons are available.
All our future services will be recorded with both sound and image, and will be uploaded after the time the service would normally take place:

  1. Adult Bible Class on Sunday at 10am
  2. Morning Worship on Sunday at 11am
  3. Evening Worship on Sunday at 6pm
  4. Bible Study / Prayer Meeting on Tue at 7pm


2. Live Webcast on YouTube

We’re putting the videoed services onto our YouTube page once again.


3. SermonAudio

Our SermonAudio page is here:

And our SermonAudio Solo Site:

And our SermonAudio Solo Site:


4. MyChurch App (SermonAudio)

You can download the App for your smartphone or tablet. Just fill in the “MyChurch code” ID as 51532


QUESTIONS or SUGGESTIONS: If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please get in touch.

Disclaimer: We are not, and cannot be held, responsible for the content of any external websites linked to on this page. We provide this information as an important resource primarily for the Lord’s people of this congregation.