Re-Opening Plan – Updated August 1st

Re-Opening Plan – Updated August 1st

“Temporary COVID-19 Face Coverings Bylaw”

FACE MASKS in PUBLIC WORSHIP: In the interest of keeping the Church building open to the public preaching of the Gospel, the Session and Board have agreed on the following:

  1. To post the official signage on the doors of the Church and the Sanctuary
  2. To encourage adherence to the bylaw – the wearing of face-masks
  3. To make masks available to those who arrive without one (please bring your own)
  4. To have the pulpit at a safe distance (with a possible Perspex screen)
  5. To continue social-distancing
  6. To continue having hand-sanitizer available
  7. To not judge those unable to wear a mask

Phase One:

• Services
Tuesday at 7pm – Bible Study/Prayer Meeting – in main Sanctuary.
Sunday at 11am for Morning Worship, and 6pm for the Evening Service.
The 10am Adult Bible Class is having a summer break until September.

The pre-evening service time of prayer will be held in the Sanctuary from 5.30 to 5.50pm.

• Numbers: The most that can gather in is 50 persons, at this time. There are no numerical limitations, as such. As long as social distancing can be maintained

• Limitations: We regretfully and respectfully request that the more senior congregants (e.g. 75+) and those with compromised immune systems should consider staying at home for the time being. Also, those who are concerned about catching anything and passing it on to loved ones, should make free use of their own discretion.

• Seating: Every second pew will be out of use. Individuals are encouraged to sit on either end of the pew and in the very middle. (Cohort) Families are requested to sit together.

• Singing: Singing has been explicitly forbidden by the Government as a real possible cause for contamination. We therefore request that the psalm/hymn be either hummed, mouthed, or spoken, but not sung. The use of facemasks and singing into disposable song sheets are the barrier-methods we are now using. Also, social distancing, is to be maintained.

• Physical Contact: Please avoid handshaking, etc. 

• Sanitizing: Disinfectant hand-gel will be available at the entrance/exit, and in the washrooms. Also, between services, surfaces will be disinfected.

• Self-Screening Tool: The Albertan Government requests that staff, visitors, and congregants make use of the self-screening tool before attending ( It should be obvious that if you have any possible Covid-19 symptoms, you should not attend and self-isolate for 14 days.