Sermons on Jeremiah

Sermons on Jeremiah

The Late Lament of Lost Sinners

The Late Lament of Lost Sinners Text: Jeremiah 8:20 Part of the struggle of Jeremiah’s ministry was that they wouldn’t believe the threatenings of the Lord coming through the prophet, nor even the threat from the Babylonians. They thought Egypt would help. However, eventually they realized that their hope for deliverance was gone, and captivity was inevitable. The cry…

Why We Should Pray

Why We Should Pray Text: Jeremiah 33:3 My text this this morning is found in the midst of dire circumstances. It’s the eleventh year of Zedekiah’s reign and Jeremiah is still imprisoned. Why was he there? Quite simple, for doing nothing else but preaching God’s Word. v1 follows from 32:1. Obviously God’s Word had come to him on many occasions, but this was the second time…


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