Young Adults’ Fellowship

Young Adults’ Fellowship

Our Young Adults (a very broad age range) meet under the direction of our Pastor. We meet every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (except for any advertised Winter and Summer break).

The purpose of our gathering is not for mere social interaction, but to teach our young adults the Word of God, and especially to help them see Christ in all the Scriptures, so that they might follow the the Lord Jesus Christ more nearly and dearly – becoming a godly generation of men and women, waxing (growing) in the knowledge and likeness of Christ.

We open in a time of singing Psalms and good Hymns, and following an opening prayer, we open the Scriptures.

We spend time working our way through a book of Scripture, learning to understand what the Lord says, in its correct historical and theological context, and then understanding what God reveals about Himself, and how we should personally apply it to our lives.

With each verse studied, the Pastor opens up the discussions by posing various questions to get the heart of faith and the mind of knowledge working. Of necessity, errors are to be corrected, and personal study to be encouraged.

We then close in a time of prayer and intercession before moving on to more informal fellowship.


We meet every two weeks, every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, at 7 pm in the Church building. Even if you’re not part of our church, you are most welcome. However, sometimes the time or place may change, so please contact Pastor Paul before making arrangements to attend. Call on: (825) 994-1646 or use the contact form.