Sermons (Page 122)

Sermons (Page 122)

The Church Plant at Philippi

The Church Plant at Philippi Text: Philippians 1:1-2 This morning I would like to introduce this letter to you. For many it has been entitled the Epistle of Joy. Joy is mentioned at least 16 times, Christ 50 times, and it’s easy to see the connection – true joy is found in Christ. Now our world knows little of true joy – most people are always hungering…

Family Living – Introduction

Family Living – Introduction Text: Ephesians 5 There’s much emphasis in the media put on social issues. There’s always something we’re being told needs addressed. But it’s always presented as a social issue. 

However, what is society? It is simply the collection of families. In fact, Margaret Thatcher touched on this when she said, “There is no such…