The Uniqueness of Christ

The Uniqueness of Christ

The Uniqueness of Christ
Text: John 1:15-18

We’re now approaching the end of John’s prologue to his gospel. Next week we will commence the narrative of the life and times of Jesus Christ from John’s perspective, but in these eighteen verses John speaks theologically rather narratively. He is making clear in this opening prologue that Jesus is God in human flesh. That He is the Creator of the universe who has become a part of His creation. He is the eternal being who has become a man. He is God in human flesh. And that is the most essential doctrine if Christianity. If you don’t believe this you have no eternal hope. This doctrine is crystallized in last week’s text, “the Word became flesh”.

But while these opening verses are highly theological, John is not writing a theological treatise to be perused by theologians, he is writing a gospel with the intent that you believe that Jesus is the Christ, and that you seek Him for salvation. But he would not lay aside the deity of Christ as a secondary issue not necessary to salvation. If you’ve been here these weeks you will have seen the emphasis and the desire to make it as lucid as possible.

He even begins his first epistle similarly, where he appears to still be amazed that he actually looked upon and touched and heard the eternal Son of God. But he also shows his intolerance of those who deny these truths: 1 Jn 2:22; 4:1-3,12-15; 5:20. He won’t let anyone distort the person of Christ.


Now John was appointed to be the forerunner of Christ, none born of woman that was greater than him. He was a great preacher, effective, and bold. He stood before Herod and called him out for his sins. But when John preached it wasn’t about him, his message was all about Jesus Christ.

“preferred before me” – before in place and in dignity. So John preached that Christ was before him in position. He is a more exalted being. John said he wasn’t worthy to tie his shoe laces. Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. In a day when people seek satisfaction in sinful celebrities, Jesus Christ is the incomparable being that ought to have all of our attention.

And here’s where it’s easy to discern a real Christian. It’s easy to discern a real Christian by their absolute love and devotion for Jesus Christ. They love to talk about Him, they love to talk to Him, they love everything about Him. And you can often tell whether someone knows Christ or not by the way they speak of Him.
Jesus Christ is before all others in place and dignity. And dear child of God, if there is a person in your life you are more devoted to than Jesus Christ, there’s something amiss. You are cold.

Are you indifferent to Christ believer? Are you just drifting? Listen to me, that’s a serious situation you need to address. You say you believe in God, but you live as if your happiness is found in giving Him only a small portion of your affections.

“for he was before me” – before in the sense of time. And here John records that John the Baptist preached something that must have confused his hearers. He existed before me.

Everyone knew John the Baptist was born before Jesus of Nazareth. Everyone knew his ministry commenced before Jesus’ ministry. But John says “he was before me” i.e. Jesus existed before He became flesh.

And John the writer is supporting with a quote from John the Baptists to show that his teaching in v1 was not something he invented. John the Baptist preached it before John the disciple.


John told his followers that all spiritual fulfillment is in Jesus Christ. There is no person or circumstance that is beyond Christ. He is able to help in every scenario.

Jn 2 the wine runs out, He provides the best. Jn 4 He meets a woman who had lived with several men and was considered doubly vile to the Jews because she was first of all a Samaritan, and second of all immoral. Jesus speaks to her and gives her new life. Jn 5 He heals a man lame for 38 years. Jn 6 He feeds 5000 men with two fish and five loaves. Jn 9 He gives sight to a man blind from birth and rejected by his parents. Jn 11 He gives life to a man dead for 4 days.

Thus, there is not a scenario He cannot deliver from. And if you’re here tonight and your life is a mess, Jesus will receive you and help you with wherever you are. If you’re unclean, He’ll make you clean. If you’re dissatisfied with life, He’ll will give satisfaction. If you feel lost, He’ll give you purpose. I am come that ye might have life.

“grace for grace” – when one grace has been given, He’s there to give another. Or perhaps it’s in reference to the Law of Moses, which was perceived as a grace from God, but has been superseded by the grace of the new dispensation. And in the context that’s perhaps more correct. But even with that, it still can be understood that He provides grace for your need. This is what the Lord Jesus highlighted when speaking to the Samaritan woman Jn 4:13-14.

How is it that Paul could rejoice and sing hymns after being beaten to within an inch of his life and now lying in an inner prison? Because the grace of Christ is greater than the worst that man can do to us.

And beloved, in the midst of your difficulty, it’s not always deliverance you need, it’s grace. And oh how we need more grace as a church.


Just like John the Baptist, Moses was a great man. To the Jew, even more iconic. He led them out of slavery, handed to them the Ceremonial, Civic, and the written Moral law. What the Jews of Christ’s day failed to see was, that the Law could not really help them. As Augustine said, “the law threatened, did not bring aid; commanded, did not heal; made manifest, but did not take away our feebleness” The Law cannot save.

And here is where every religion parts from the truth. It focuses upon law. Do this and you shall live. And we have this sense inherently in us, for when I speak to the unsaved and ask what do they think God will do to them on judgement day, they appeal to me that they are a good person. They appeal to the law!! But the law does not save. The law condemns.

Law shows what’s in man, but grace shows what’s in God. Law speaks of what men must do for God, but grace shows what God has done for men.

So Christ has brought grace, but He has also brought truth. This reflects v14. And there I identified that truth is an that which is true, but I think it’s more than that there and here in v17.

Truth speaks of righteousness, and this better reflects what man needs. He needs the grace of God, but he also needs the righteousness of God, i.e. the righteousness God provides for sinners as Paul talks about in Romans 1:17. And Jesus Christ IS the righteousness of God. He is truth in that sense.

And in Jn 6 Jesus will reveal himself to be the true bread of God, that is God’s provision for man. And what man needs is righteousness and that’s in Jesus Christ. Let me ask you my friend, do you possess the righteousness of God? Do you? Without it you’re hopelessly lost.

The Law shows you that you need a perfect righteousness, and if you look in yourself you’ll never find it. You’re a law breaker. You’re guilty. And if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable now, that’s a glorious thing. God doesn’t want you to feel that you can depend on yourself. He wants you to see that you need His Son, for He is the only Saviour.

Every religion relies on the law for salvation. The question is, how much obedience does God requires? Is it 51%? Are our works balanced out? First, we can’t reach 51% “all our righteousness are as filthy rags”. Secondly, God requires 100% “whoso keepeth the whole law and offends in one point, is guilty of all”. And your 100% is in Christ, and if you reject Him, you reject the key to Heaven.


Because Jesus Christ is God, He is the only one who can reveal God. He is uniquely qualified to reveal God. Jn 3:13.

“declared” – the Greek is where we get our word for exegesis. Exegesis is that careful explanation and interpretation of a text. In this case, Christ is the only careful explanation of God.

Close – my question tonight is, is He yours? You can know Him this very night. Whosoever believes in Him has life. If you have Him you have life, strength, grace, courage, and the absolute perfect preparation for death. With Jesus Christ a person is truly ready for anything. Are you ready? Where will you be in eternity? Why lies beyond the grave for you? Without Christ I’m here to tell you on the authority of God’s word, you’re in a hopeless state. Why not trust the Saviour tonight?