When God Interjects

When God Interjects

When God Interjects
Text: John 1:12-13

The great distinction in our world is not wealth, not skin colour, nor nationality… the great division in humanity is caused by the gospel of Jesus Christ. And this ought not to surprise us in light of what John has been declaring about the Son of God.

You see, the difference in wealth is degrees. All have money, it’s just the amount. All have a skin colour, it’s just the shade. All have a nationality, it’s just a matter of geography. But the distinctions of Christ are not intended to show degrees.

John declares that Christ is both light and life. He is light, not in contrast with lesser light, but in contrast with total darkness. And He is life, not in contrast with lesser life, but in contrast with total death.


1. This Reception is a Conscious Act – it’s not something your parents did for you. Jn 20:31. Believing him in his person and work. Person – Son of God. If you don’t accept this, you’ve never received Christ. Work – Substitute for Men. If you don’t view Him in this light, you’ve never received Him.

2. This Reception is a Critical Act – it changes your life.

3. This Reception is a Continuous Act – every day we receive Christ.


1. We Obtain the Affection of God – Paul tells us that if any man provide not for his own he is worse than an infidel. There is a fatherly duty to provide for the home. And God does this for us – Matt 6:26… And you know what good fathers do? They anticipate the needs of their children, and God does that for us beloved. Never forget it. No circumstances does He miss.

2. We Receive the Discipline of God – Heb 12 shows us that discipline from God is proof of His love.

3. We Become Sons of God – ‘the right to be the children of God’ people spend their lives aiming for places of distinction and privilege. My daughters love the title ‘princess’ and they love to be ‘princesses’ and mummy is queen and daddy is the servant! 

But look at this – the children of God!! And this doesn’t apply to everyone. We’re not all the children of God. By nature we are alienated from God, not His children. “become the sons…” It’s something we must become, after standing in the crowd of those referred to in v11.

We are given the ‘right’. This is a change of status. A change of position. And what privileges this brings.

4. We Acquire Access to God – prayer

5. We Get to Commune With God – communion feast.


“born” – faith no more precedes regeneration than a baby’s cry precedes its conception.

“blood” – family ties don’t convey the grace of God.

“flesh” – our flesh is spiritually powerless. It is corrupt through and through.

“man” – we don’t work it out ourselves. It’s not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth… it’s not a human decision. It’s not arminian theology. It’s not in the preacher.

It’s all of God! What a marvel. I’m saved tonight because God chose me, and drew me, and saved me. How humbling. Salvation is of the Lord. But we are given the means, Rom 10:17.

Close – how you live shows what family you’re a member of, and as we come to the communion feast tonight, it is a feast for a family. The family of God. If you’re not saved, let this speak to your soul – if you’re not fit to take communion, you’re not fit for heaven.