Prayer Meeting

Tuesday Bible Study and Prayer Meeting As a church, we believe in the importance of corporate prayer as well as private prayer. There are many examples in the scriptures to show us the importance of coming together as a united band of God’s people to earnestly plead for the blessing of God. This meeting is open to all, but is obviously more catered for Christians.…

Evening Worship

Current Study: Exposition of John’s Gospel Join us for our evening worship. Many churches have given up on evening worship, but the pattern of the scriptures show that the God’s people were still together in the evenings of the Lord’s Day. This meeting has much for Christians, but almost every week the pastor makes strong application of the message to…

Morning Worship

Current Study: Exposition of Ruth Join us for our morning worship, perhaps the most important corporate meeting of the church each week. This meeting caters particularly for Christians, usually commencing with the singing of a psalm; a significant and yet neglected exercise in worship that aside from reflecting the very Word of God, connects us with the worship of the…

Family Bible Class

Current Study: The Apostle’s Doctrine Join us for our Family Bible Class (children and adults welcome) as our pastor gives an overview each week of a New Testament book. This study will give you an idea of the main purpose of the book, its context, and its general application. Such knowledge is helpful to prevent taking passages out of context and misapplying them.